Ampsession Home




Put a tattoo artist, a videographer and a lifeguard on a stage together, throw in a crate of Relentless and you’ll get a trio that are at the cutting edge of British post-punk. The sound and energy created by I, The Lion when let loose on stage mesmerises audiences, comparing them to acts double their size. The balance of catchy hooks against brutal drums and roaring guitars sets these guys apart… from other artists, reassembling between ‘old’ and ‘new’ Biffy Clyro.

Their latest EP Tides and Tales came out in May 2013 and has proven to be a hit among their loyal fan base. From the sing-along anthemic opener ‘We Built The Ocean’, through to the brutally epic closer ‘Morgs Is A Superhero’, Evans’ cryptic lyrics and story telling ties perfectly with the music.

There are few bands who can capture such a broad market, I, The Lion have managed to apply themselves to audiences they didn’t know could be captured. Along with their unmissable live show which is like a condensed stadium show, they are one band to follow for years to come.