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THE DREAMING is a reunion of Stabbing Westward’s founding members, Christopher Hall (lead singer) and Walter Flakus (keyboards, programming). This renowned songwriting team is behind most of Stabbing Westward’s radio hits and are accompanied by one-time Stabbing Westward drummer Johnny Haro, Deadsy/Orgy guitarist Carlton Bost, and KUZA bassist Franccesca De Struct.

Formed in Los Angeles, The Dreaming deliver a passionate and truly unique mix of new wave, metal, electronic and darkwave. Their previous albums include “Etched in Blood” (2008) and “Puppet” (2011). Although the name Stabbing Westward is now dead and buried, the founders of the band are continuing with the intense and haunting music that made Stabbing Westward a multi-platinum band.

The Dreaming’s third album “Rise Again” is available worldwide on Metropolis Records.