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The Landed – “The Landed” EP

We are super excited to have a chance to review the debut EP from 4 piece The Landed, now it has…well…’landed’.

The lads from Essex; David, Dan and both the Pauls, have a had a fantastic 18 months or so, with plays on Radio 1 and completing a hefty tour of universities, and have now completed their self-titled debut EP, “The Landed”.

The album incorporates blues and acoustic sounds, with wide ranging vocals that fans have loved for so long.

Each track is beautifully and carefully crafted, with its own unique feel and rhythm yet still achieves the same end result, a joyous and uplifting experience you could come back to again and again. I defy anyone to not feel happy and summery after listening to this record.

“Stone Man” opens the album and straight away The Landed’s familiar sound comes through, a gentle, rising and falling tempo with a relaxed feeling to it. It eases you into the album, and leaves you with desire for more.

“Snakes and Ladders” follows and is perhaps my personal favourite track, with the feeling of a social divide that’s been created and unhappiness at this. The feeling that the current establishment does not serve its purpose. I’ve heard songs with this message before, we all have, there are loads of them, but this is different. Like every other track on the album, it’s not thrown in your face. It has a message, but it’s a powerful enough message to be carried with soul and subtlety, which to me speaks louder than someone preaching.

Following up is “Things to Talk About”, which is smooth and melodic, with heartfelt lyrics. You get the feeling that these are not just lyrics to a song for The Landed, but the deeper thoughts and feelings which are being portrayed.

“Taking You Out” and “Amazing Suzie” both follow a similar pattern, with a wonderful, smooth blues sound that invites you just to tap along to with a massive smile on your face.

The final tack “Fly” rounds the album off superbly. It continues with the same vibe and feeling of the previous tracks. It has that enticing smoothness that’s just such a joy to listen to.

The Landed have put together a fine debut album, which I know I will be listening to again, it’s 22 minutes of rhythm and blues that you can come back to over and over. Great job guys! Just one thing… Don’t leave it long until you record another one!

We’re certainly looking forward to seeing these guys live on our first live show, coming up next month, you can find out more about this by heading over to and if you want to find out more about The Landed, check out their website for information on the EP and tour dates.

– Chris

22 April 2016 Latest News

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