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The Amp Session is an internet radio station with a difference

Are you frustrated with hearing the same 10 tracks repeated over and over again, on every radio station, television channel and podcast around? Fed up with DJs promising “fresh, new material” only to be fed music which sounds like carbon copies of those same overplayed tracks? Need some exciting new music in your life? If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place.

The Amp Session strives to bring you the best of unsigned and unknown artists from around the globe in every music genre imaginable. Strap in and buckle up, the future of music is coming for you.


We’re Back!

We have been scurrying away like Secret Squirrel for the last couple of weeks, but can now bring you our brand new website! Isn’t it handsome?

29 April 2016 Latest News Read more

Osmium Guillotine – ‘Osmium Guillotine’ Album

‘Osmium Guillotine’ is the self-titled, debut album from Essex four piece, Osmium Guillotine. The album has been out since June, but we are now happy to have our hands on it!

22 April 2016 Latest News Read more

Octavians – “Artless” EP

Happy New Year everyone! Today I’m going to be having a listen to “Artless”, the new EP from Cardiff boys, Octavians.

22 April 2016 Latest News Read more

Niven Smith Is Set For Christmas Number One!

It’s around this time of year that everyone seems to want your money. Bob Geldof gets wheeled out with a cocophony of ‘celebrities’ warbling about how guilty we should feel for not giving more of our hard earned cash to the variety of worldwide causes that have been selected as newsworthy this year.

22 April 2016 Latest News Read more

The Unmentionables at Roadtrip & The Workshop

Firstly, I must point out that Roadtrip & The Workshop is one of the coolest venues we’ve had the pleasure of being invited along to. With a plethora of neon lighting and music-inspired decoration, it definitely works as a suitable host for some of the best upcoming bands in the business. I’d also like to take a moment to draw your attention to the decoration in the toilets. It’s not very often in a live music review I spend time talking about the facilities, but I seriously recommend you give them a visit and cast your eyes upon the walls. Whether you’re a “Sid” or “Nancy”, you’ll certainly enjoy the view. Thank me later.

22 April 2016 Latest News Read more

The Landed – “The Landed” EP

We are super excited to have a chance to review the debut EP from 4 piece The Landed, now it has…well…’landed’.

22 April 2016 Latest News Read more


The Amp Session is heading out on the road for the first time, delivering some of the best in new, unsigned talent to The Good Ship in Kilburn on 15th November.

22 April 2016 Latest News Read more