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Niven Smith Is Set For Christmas Number One!

It’s around this time of year that everyone seems to want your money. Bob Geldof gets wheeled out with a cocophony of ‘celebrities’ warbling about how guilty we should feel for not giving more of our hard earned cash to the variety of worldwide causes that have been selected as newsworthy this year.

Of course, I’m in no way against raising money for charity, and The Amp Session favourite Niven Smith has just released a brand new track for Christmas to help raise money for a wonderful charity closer to home and doing excellent work in the community.

Niven has joined forces with Phil Haynes (collectively known as Vintage 12) to write ‘Christmas In Our Town’, an upbeat and ridiculously catchy rock tune which they are hoping to get to Christmas No.1. For each download of the single, a donation will be made to the Libby Maes Little Angels charity.

The charity raises money for much needed neo-natal units in West Midlands hospitals, and has already raised over £100,000 and the guys hope their single will help a great deal more to be raised for this worthwhile organisation. More information on everything they do can be found on their official website,

As well as being for a great cause, the song is actually a hell of a good tune! You’ll be able to hear it on The Amp Session’s Christmas Party show, heading your way in a few weeks time on the 23rd December.

‘Christmas In Our Town’ is now available for download from iTunes, or from Niven’s official website

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