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Honest John are a 4 piece ‘Outlaw Funk Rock’ band hailing from Bedfordshire in the UK. HJ’s music is infused with Funk, Blues & Soul. This is filtered through melodic & psychedelic sensibilities that come rolling like waves, delivering quixotic riffs with subtle splendour designed to weave into your consciousness.

HJ draw from a deep well of Classic & Modern influences and sounds in the hope of creating something passionate, melodic, emotional, honest (forgive the pun) and unique. Come and catch HJ live or buy the music and find out if you agree. This is music for the people! This is OUTLAW FUNK!

HJ formed at the start of 2015 featuring members of previous Bedfordshire based bands Horseman Shakes & The Draymen & Chaos Calling. The band comprises Katy Haynes – Bass, Dan Jack – Drums, Rob Muir – Guitar & Alex Small – Vocals. Established 2015. Raising the bar ever since.

HJ went into Vertical Rooms Studios in Arrington (Cambridgeshire), UK in June 2015 to record their debut EP entitled Blue Mantra with Pete Brazier. They are currently booking up shows to promote the band and the material.

The band were recently voted best act at Busk Till Dusk Festival winning £100 prize money which they donated back to Sue Ryder St John’s Hospice who put together the 1 day festival together. HJ firmly believe in supporting charity and this type of event.

Keep it real, keep it honest.